Who can access the CHEMCAD Support Center? User Portal

Who can access the CHEMCAD Support Center?

User accounts for the CHEMCAD Support Center are available to licensed users of CHEMCAD.
University students are not eligible for accounts. In the future we hope to expand the support center to include students.

If Chemstations has your name and e-mail address, it's possible that we've already created a Support Center account for you. Try to use the forgot password link and your company email account to reset your password.

If you are a current customer of CHEMCAD, you can ask us to create an Support Center account for you. Use your company's email account and send an email requesting a login to support@chemstations.com . Include your name, title, phone number, and office address so we can properly activate your account.

If you don't have a company email account but you are a current customer, please contact your sales person directly and ask them to help create your account.

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